Our History


MOMNetwork started in 2002, right before I gave birth to my second child. I realized then there was a need for Mothers of Muslims to connect on both a social and a religious level.  We needed an environment, a group that was free of stereotypes and judgments. A place that we could engage and empower one another. But equally important, establish a foundation for families and the community as a whole - so MOMNetwork was born.

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MOMNetwork, LLC is a Network of Mothers Of Muslims who see their role as a pivotal position in the family, while staying true to their faith.  As Mothers of Muslims we:

  • Engage with each other, to support our accomplishments, fears, and dreams.  

  • Empower each other to build upon our Strengths, Families, and Communities.

  • Establish programs that leave a lasting impact on our families and society as a whole.