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Our History

MOMNetwork received its LLC on Dec. 2017, less than a year after the passing of the founder, Shellie's mother, in July 2016.


However, in 2002, right before the birth of Shellie's second child, something was missing within the Muslim community. Shellie realized then there was a need for Mothers of Muslims to connect on both a social and a spiritual level. We needed an environment, a group that was free of stereotypes and judgments. A place where we could engage and empower one another. But equally important, establish a foundation for families and the community as a whole - so MOMNetwork was born as a source of resources; it took 15 years before making it a social enterprise.

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MOMNetwork, LLC is a Network of Mothers Of Muslims who see their role as a pivotal position in the family, while staying true to their faith.  As Mothers of Muslims we:

  • Engage with each other, to support our accomplishments, fears, and dreams.  

  • Empower each other to build upon our Strengths, Families, and Communities.

  • Establish programs that leave a lasting impact on our families and society as a whole.

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