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The Wimpy White Boy Myth - The Tea Pot Life

I am a mother of three and a pediatrician. With my dentist sister, we share medical/dental information alongside lifestyle content on our blog The Teapot Life and our instagram page. A year ago this month, my third son was born. The circumstances surrounding his birth were tainted by entrenched biases in the medical field. I am honored to share this post from last summer for black history month

Since then, progress has been made on addressing the proven racial disparity in pediatrics at my home institution through various venues (both educational and policy) but also nationally. The Pediatric Hospital Medicine section of the American Academy of Pediatrics started its first pipeline mentorship program for undergraduate and medical students from underserved communities interested in pediatric hospital medicine. The conversation has only begun. Please feel free to share the post and leave a comment. You can contact us directly @


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