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National Eating Disorders Association
Help and Support

This website has links to screening tools, finding help, giving help, and a helpline for eating disorders.

The Jed Foundation
Mental Health Resource Center

This website has many links for different questions that people may have. For example, if you are worried about someone's mental health, there are links to address that concern.

Office of Population Affairs
Adolescent Health

This website has different articles related to mental health in adolescents and teenagers, as well as some potential issues they may face.

Find Support

This resource has many articles and helpful links to find support with different mental illnesses.

National Institute of Mental Health
Help for Mental Illnesses

This website provides information on ways to get help for mental illnesses. It has ways to find mental health professionals and deciding which one is right for you.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Get Help

This page provides resources resources to people who are contemplating suicide, have survived it, or know someone who is having suididal thoughts.

Crisis Text Line
Text Line

This is a number that you can text that provides help through text message if you are in a mental health crisis.

National Suicide Prevention Line

This resource is a lifeline that provides assistance on call 24/7. It's a confidential service that provides support to people suffering from mental health crises.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America
Treatment Help

This page has several links to types of treatments to anxiety and depression. It also has links to solutions for financial concerns, differences between mental health professionals, and ways to get professional help.

Mental Health America
B4Stage4-- Where to Get Help

This resource asks you to answer a few questions to determine where you can find help. Based on your answers, it can direct you to a mental health hotline, or some other resources. For example, if you are a college student, the site lists several places you can go on campus to find counseling.

American Psychological Association
Help Center

This page on the website has links to local mental health experts. Clicking on the button leads to links for more helpful websites, as well as hotlines. You can also find local mental health organizations within your state by clicking the button. The page also contains several articles that talk about the how to deal with stress and other mental pressures during COVID-19.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
Finding a Mental Health Professional

This resource lists a step by step process with which to find a mental health professional that works well with you and is someone you can trust. It also covers tips on how to deal with insurance and making that first step.

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