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New App - Women Quran Reciters
Qariah: Women Quran Reciters App

"Qariah - translates to a woman Quran reciter. The app aims to make Qariah recitations easily accessible to women so that when little girls ask their mothers or aunts or sisters or homegirls. "Why are there no women Quran reciters?" The answer will be a resounding. There are an uncountable number of them - and God willing you and I can be them too!"

Accommodating Muslim Students during Ramadan
Free poster for teachers

Printable poster for public school teachers

Template Letters: Work
Support for families

Template letter for teacher regarding day off for Eid Al-Fitr

Template Letters: School
Support for families

Template letter for school Principal on Ramadan

Ramadan Series
YouTube Series

Yaqeen, Bayyinah Institute, Mufti Menk, AlMaghrib, Yasir Qadhi,

Ramadan Giving Ideas
Ramadan Resource

Listed of suggested organization to give to during Ramadan and beyond

Gift Ideas
Looking for a gift that's personal?

MOMNetwork membership, Personalized jewelry, Coaching Sessions - Parenting, Finance, Nutrition

Printable Ramadan Planner
Ramadan Resource

Blank Calendar, Goals, Meal Plan, Daily, Quran Reflection, Notes pages..

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