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Here are some of our "Wahda Youth Programs":


Al-Wahda is Arabic means Unity, we named our youth program Wahda because of their our future for Unity in our Ummah and Society as a whole.  Many of our youth are breaking down generational stereotypes and bias - so far that we cultivate.


MOMNetwork is one of four JA Sites.  Our 2018-19 JA Company has 12 high school students.  

Learn more about JA Company.



Come out to our Annual College Experience - This year's College Symposium will be held at Masjid Muhammad in DC. This event is great for the whole family, but specifically high school students.


We are excited to see how much our Career Fair has grown.  Come out to our annual career fair and get an opportunity to interact with over ten diverse careers in the community.

Volunteer as a Career Fair Mentor


Youth participate in an unpaid learning opportunity to help individuals learn about career options and skills required in specific occupations. Registration required.

Volunteer to be a Job Shadow Mentor


MSA High School Leadership Program

This is a Youth program that meets our youth where they are.  We advocate, support, develop our High School students to become great leaders by strengthening their MSA clubs.

Presentation at South County High School MSA

Bowling Get Together

Lunch & Lead Youth Series


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