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This Ramadan, five women-led organizations have teamed together to do what they do best, support Women.


73% of charitable donors in the world are women.
Yet! Charitable giving to womens' and girls' organizations represent a small share - 1.9%
This Ramadan, we're challenging you to give to organizations that support our Mothers, Aunties, Sisters, and Daughters.
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MOMNetwork, LLC, a membership organization that empowers, engages, and supports the community's needs through establishing programs for MOMs and their families. MOMNetwork is built of a diverse group of Muslim women who connect with each other while receiving the tools and support needed to advocate for themselves and their families.

Fundraising For: Honoring Role Model Legacy Fund

MOMNetwork (Mother Of Muslims) established the Honoring Role Model Legacy Fund in 2021 in partnership with A Continuous Charity to award students in the DMV area an interest-free loan.

In 2017 we hosted our first annual Honoring Role Model Ceremony. It was a way to honor my MOM, who passed in 2016. Since then, we have celebrated over 50 women, which includes a posthumous award.

Our partnership to develop a legacy fund honoring our Legacy Awardees (posthumous) will support a deserving African American Muslim living in the DMV area with an interest-free student loan. This Legacy Fund will be managed by A Continuous Charity, allowing this to be a long-term source of sadaqah (a continuous  charity) for our Legacy Awardees.


Please help us raise the additional 7,000.00 we need to provide this loan in Fall '23.


  • Dorothy Mayers (My Mom) - 2017

  • Rawhia Mohamed El-Mahdy - 2018

  • Iman Al-Shingieti - 2019

  • Dr.Maryam Funches - 2020

  • Linda-Mae Williamson - 2021

  • In their Names (PFP) - 2022

the aafiyah project - Transparent.png
The Aafiyah Project

The Aafiyah Project is a wellness organization located in the heart of the DC metro area and we are on a mission to build a legacy of health and wellness by addressing the challenges posed by health disparities experienced by minority Muslims in our community.

Fundraising For: Build The Legacy

This Ramadan, please help us Build - THE - Legacy!
In this season of giving, support our endeavor to build a legacy of health and wellness and make significant contributions to the well-being of the Muslim community. Kindly commit to donating what Allah has made easy for you this Ramadan to help the communities we serve who would otherwise remain underserved with health promotion services, scholastic achievement opportunities, and wellness community engagement activities.
Jazakum'llahu Khairan ... may Allah reward you all with good!


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BDesh Foundation

BDesh foundation is a non-profit charitable organization involved in poverty alleviation, health and sanitation, and educational projects. The purpose of the BDesh Foundation, Inc. is to assist the citizens of the world.

For now, our focus is centered on projects in Bangladesh and in the United States.  You can look at our current projects here.

Fundraising For: Shobuj Polly

One of the many projects that we also do is called Shobuj Polly; this program is focused on sustainable poverty alleviation and community development projects for women.  The main characteristics of this program are a community-based development approach, transfer of capital/assets, providing need-based skills for income-generating activities and entrepreneurship development, establishing women-led co-operatives and enterprises, healthcare aid for mothers and children, health education, sanitation, higher education, and more.

Please support BDesh Foundation and our many projects.  We are looking forward to hosting this beautiful group of sisters for Iftar on April 9th.

peaceful families project-transparent.png
Peaceful Families Project

Peaceful Families Project is a 21 year-old US based non-profit organization whose mission is the elimination of family-based violence in Muslim communities in the United States and globally from an Islamic Perspective.

Peaceful Families Project focuses on the activities of training, research, resource development and strategic representation and affiliation with a core national staff coordinating with local affiliates and partners representing the wide diversity of individuals and communities in the US Muslim ummah.

Fundraising For: Our Projects

PFP sponsors the following initiatives:

  • Peaceful Families: Domestic Violence

  • Peaceful Futures:  Prevention Youth Programming

  • Peaceful Partings:  Divorce and Co-parenting

  • Peaceful Parenting: Positive Parenting

  • Peaceful Partners:  Male Allies and Muslim Abusive Behavior Pattern Intervention

PFP is completely Muslim funded due to our focus on Islam as a positive stimulus for social change.

muslims for just futures - Transparent.png
Muslims For Just Futures

Muslims For Just Futures (MJF) is a grassroots organization that builds power in Muslim communities through collective care, organizing, advocacy, and movement-building.  Muslims for Just Futures is rooted in the DMV and committed to building long-term power and base-building in the region with a focus on centering working-class communities and women.

Fundraising For: The Guaranteed Income Program

Over the last three years, through our collective generosity, Muslims for Just Futures has given over $204,000 directly to Muslim working class families in the DMV to help fight evictions, provide rental support, pay for bills, and support families in addressing their basic needs.
However, we know that one time payments barely make a dent in the needs of our community members, so this Ramadan, we are launching a $50,000 zakat eligible fundraiser for Thriving Futures, a guaranteed income pilot program will support 5 working-class Muslim women in the DMV who are heads of household for 18 months, pouring into our community members and, along with our partners at Wider Circle, supporting them with a $500 monthly cash assistance, alongside workforce development, career services support, financial literacy, and community organizing training.  

Please donate today!

the person center-transparent.png
The Person Center

We are a nonprofit that serves and supports African Immigrant and Refugee survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in Washington DC. TPC offers case management and crisis support for survivors, develops and facilitates community education workshops, professional training for community organizations and responders, and leads advocacy initiatives throughout the district.

Fundraising For: Our Projects

Your donation is critical to preserving and progressing our work as a Black-founded, Black-led, and Black-serving nonprofit organization. No matter what you can provide, all we ask is that your commitment to our mission is consistent with your belief in our vision.


Build a justice-oriented and equitable philanthropy effort of your own, encourage those you know and love to join you in supporting The Person Center today!

The Aafiyah Project
BDesh Foundation
Peaceful Families Project
Muslims For Just Futures
The Person Center
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